Adventure: Smoke and Mirrors

Listen to “Smoke and Mirrors” here

      1. 03 Smoke and Mirrors


Adventure is a Baltimore-based band that had an internal battle between Duran Duran and Depeche Mode, and the winner was a victorious and 2011 hybrid of the two influences. Benny Boeldt, Mark Brown, and Dave Fell are the vocals, beats, and electronic decorations, which can be enjoyed in “Smoke and Mirrors.” Starting off with whispering peripheries, lead vocals –practically kin to The Human League’s Philip Oakey–come in to complete the new-wave feel.

Lesser Known, where our ‘daily song’ hails from, is a testament to the group’s success in surpassing many cheesy reincarnations of classic 80’s bands. At times,  Adventure carries surprisingly dark techno and pop-driven video game melodies, which are seen more in the debut album featuring leading man, Boeldt as a solo electronic composer. His new material with the 2 additional members is a revamped sound, blending modern qualities and nostalgic care for authenticity.

Let this be your mid-week pick-me-up. Happy listening!