A Visit to the Bedford Post Inn

Close your eyes and try to picture the most charming hotel possible. If you envisioned the Bedford Post Inn then you would be correct. This tranquil escape from NYC is closer than you may think. A short 45 minutes outside the city and you instantly enter relaxation mode. Upon arrival you are greeted by an inviting array of greenery surrounding the eight-room inn. Walking along the brick pathway to the restaurant entrance a signal of billowing smoke is rising from Chef Jeremy McMillan‘s outdoor grill. First was a tour of the property which included, private nooks by the fire, claw foot tubs and a premiere yoga loft. This does not feel like a hotel but remindful of a visit to a friends cottage in the countryside who happens to have an impeccable eye interior design and a private chef who forages acres of surrounding property for your next meal. Ok, so I think we all wish we had friends like this but you will if you visit the Bedford Post in. The staff and craftsman who call Bedford Post their workplace are as happy to be there as you are. Maybe it’s the fresh air, or the wildwood but this is a place to post up and never leave.

One of the many personalities of this of this Inn comes in the form of it’s artisan details created by Maximiliano Poglia. Friend of executive chef Jeremy McMillan, Max has become a vital part of the property. This Brazilian artist was discovered for his work at west village restaurant Buvette. Every menu at the Farmhouse is hand-painted by Poglia and transformed into a seasonally changing array of illustrations inspired by vintage seed packets. These menus change every few weeks so visit often to collect some of Max’s unique works. I don’t think there was a room we visited without Max being involved in some artistic aspect. Weather it be the handmade wool blankets found in the more laid back Barn cafe, or the custom knives he creates for dinner service in the Farmhouse. On his vacations back to Brazil Poglia learned how to make leather and canvas bags also sold at the Inn. Max works with local and small businesses to aid in his his creations and hone his many crafts. Poglia is inspired by his vision of a very stylish picnic and when you see his work you will agree it would be the chicest picnic you could attend!

The team at the Bedford Post is nothing short of family. They all inspire and enhance each others creativity and it shows. Home to fellow Arizona native chef Jeremy McMillan, I knew this would be a magical experience but nothing could have prepared me for the feast that was presented. We started with a huge plank of wood covered in grilled veggies and antipasto delicacies. The colors were so brilliant it was reminiscent of Max’s paint palette. We had a salad completely foraged by Chef and his team in the surrounding land. It really can’t get more sustainable than that. This salad reconnects you with the raw brilliance of the earth while enjoying a healthy treat. The delicate ravioli purses burst with flavor in your mouth, and spill out a fantastic ricotta cheese blend. Do not skip the pasta, any pasta order it immediately.  A whole grilled fish was proudly displayed then served exuding a beautiful light smoky flavor without compromising the true essence of the fish. A viking feast was laid out in front of us when chef came in with a pallet size array of meats that he has been grilling to perfection all evening. Be warned, any meat that Chef McMillan touches with his genius Patagonian-inspired grill will instantly make you an avid carnivore. Ok dessert time! I have learned to never skip dessert, and the smoked ice cream with fresh berries is a very good reason to continue this mantra. Chef McMillan has twisted a simple concept and enhanced everything about it. The milk for the ice cream was smoked on the grill after one bite of the finished product, a confusing harmony of flavors will take over and then, your addicted. The warming smoky flavor envelops your mouth until hit with the cooling sweetness of the ice cream and tart burst of wild berries. A perfect finish to a comforting and expertly crafted meal. There are magical things happening up in Bedford, after one visit you will be enchanted.

The Bedford Post Inn at 954 Old Post Road in Bedford, NY go there, your body and taste buds with thank you!
Follow all of Max’s delightful creations on Instagram @MaxPoglia