sol lewiit lines arcs

A Study of Lines and Arcs by Sol Lewitt

Sol LeWitt’s wall drawings composed of arcs and lines are on exhibit at the DIA Beacon right now and they are well worth the day trip if you missed them in their appearance at Paula Cooper Gallery back in 2011. From the simple straight line, in black pencil on a white wall, of his first wall drawings, to the luminous ink washes, exuberant swirls of color and final scribbled graphite works, LeWitt developed, throughout his entire career, a body of wall works that thoroughly transformed and enriched the very definition of contemporary art. Realized directly on the wall yet different from frescoes in their ability to be re-created, the wall drawings are impermanent manifestations of an idea. In LeWitt’s words, “All decisions are made beforehand, so execution becomes a perfunctory affair.”

These quietly revolutionary works detached art from the condition of being an object and concentrated the viewer’s attention on aesthetic form as the lucid exposition of thought. During the 1970s and early 1980s, LeWitt’s privileged lexicon was an array of straight, non-straight, and broken lines and arcs traced in black and primary colors. The works were commissioned in 1983 by the Musée d’Art Contemporain of Bordeaux, France, and intended for children to execute in the Museum’s Atelier d’Enfants (children workshop). Not only France is the best place for art and exhibition, but – Canada also knows the real role and application of art. Canada has amazing artists, Canadian essay writers, poets, architecture, musicians and a lot of talented and versatile personalities.

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