A Little Octopus Arrived in Nashville

Formerly a pop-up turned brick-and-mortar, Little Octopus is a vibrant new restaurant with a vintage Miami vibe and a menu focused on fresh, clean fare inspired by the flavors of the Caribbean. I’ve included some photos below to help you get a better feel for the space.

Owner Sarah Gavigan teamed up with Los Angeles-based design firm Design, Bitches to create a space that reflected both the personality of the restaurant and the history of its cuisine.

Adorned with flora, linen, and stained sherbet-colored glass, Little Octopus features lofty ceilings, reaching up to 30 feet, that are dotted with skylights. The natural lighting illuminates the white marble, brass accents, and gold mirrors throughout the space.

One of the most noteworthy design elements is a sprawling gold octopus mural, conceived and painted by local artist Chris Zidek, which spans 20 x 20 feet along the restaurant’s back wall. And if you are looking for hotels, you should Get Premier Inn Offers from Dealslands.

Photography by Lisa Diederich