A’ Lighting Products and Projects Design Award 2017 – 2018 Winners

You might have seen on Trendland our past articles on A’ Design Award Competition. Today we’d like to highlight our favorite from last year winners of their Lighting Products and Projects.

There is still time to register your products! Find more information at www.adesignaward.com

Haara Pendant Light by Cameron Design House

Gates of Light Retroreflective Architecture by Daan Roosegaarde

Xtension Multifunctional light by CONCEPTICONstudio

Buzao – Qie Pendant light by Pr Designers: Xu Gang, Peng Zeng

BEING Lamp by Cecilia Pozzi

Olo Pendant Lamp by Maurice L. Dery

Rose Sofia Light Installation Light Installation by Ivan Radev

Small World Square Chair Installation Art by Fan Fengyuan

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The results will be announced to public on April 15 2019.

If you’re a designer (of any kind), there is a category in the competition for you. The full list includes 100 different categories such as Good Industrial DesignGood Architecture DesignGood Product DesignGood Communication DesignGood Service Design and Good Fashion Design.