A Joint Effort
Bob Marley’s Collection
Rolls Design and Ritual Into One

Written by Ani Tzenkova
This month we saw the launch of Marley Natural, the official Bob Marley Cannabis lifestyle brand. Building off of the legends’ legacy the brands mission is to shine light on the positive potential of the herb.
"God made it for the healing of the nation. It gave us more inspiration for the music, definitely. We found favor in it, we found unity, we found love. As we say, one love, one heart, let’s get together and feel all right."

– Rita Marley, Bob Marley’s wife


he line includes all-natural, locally-sourced, sun-grown cannabis flower and oil, a naturally-derived and beautifully branded line of body care products that blend hemp seed oil with Jamaican botanicals, and a collection of smoking accessories developed with sustainable and local grown wood and heat-resistant, hand-blown glass.

Marley Natural is in a unique position to set the trend for what herb products will look like in the future. “We’re definitely on the right track,” Bob Marley’s son Stephen said, “The movement to legalize is very much well alive. Bob is the perfect frontrunner for the advocacy of marijuana being legal, and use of the plant, in many different ways—medicinal and spiritual.

He would be honored to be the champion of the use of marijuana. He would be very proud of this moment.”

Balancing intuitive design with Jamaican-inspired accents, Marley Natural’s collection of smoking, storage and preparation accessories breaks any taboos associated with the legality of the ritual. With these sumptuous objects they now cater not only to the discerning herb connoisseurs but to design aficionados alike. The collection features products made from sustainably grown American Black Walnut wood and heat-resistant, hand-blown glass. Each product is designed to ensure durability, convenient maintenance, and a comfortable hand feel.

Sustainably Grown American Black Walnut Accessories







Available for sale in the US at www.MarleyNaturalShop.com

"Herb, herb is a plant. I mean herb so good for everything. Why, WHY these people who want to do so much good for everyone, who call themselves governments and this and that, why them say you must not use the herb?"







"We thought it was very unruly for them to call it “weed” or “drugs,” or, you know, call it things that it wasn’t really for. Because we saw it as a spiritual thing given to us by God. It’s a plant from the most high, as we say in Rastafari."
- Bob Marley