“A Guide To Happy” by Panoply

“A Guide To Happy” – This beautifully 3D rendered animation on the subject of happiness was made by British motion & experimental agency Panoply. This is their take on that age old question ­- What really makes us happy? Watch video below



Artist Statement:
At Panoply we’re always looking for new ways to improve our lives. Taking exercise, eating well and getting enough sleep are a great place to start, but what about looking after the way we feel? Inspired by Simon Sinek’s writing and a fascination with bio­chemistry and neuroscience, we donned our white coats and set about inventing a piece that offers a bit of humorous advice on how to get happy.


We decided to take a closer look at what happens inside our bodies when we’re feeling good. This lead to a whole new world of weird and wonderful bio­chemicals and after some extensive research we discovered two hormones associated with happiness; Dopamine and Oxytocin.

We didn’t want Happy to be just another explainer. So with humour at its core we’ve built a vivid, playful world that avoids any overbearing, stuffy thinking. The tone flows from a balancing act between intelligent response and downright silliness. We’ve kept the direction cheeky and the pace irreverent, but we still think that all of us need a bit more Oxytocin in our lives.