A Caribbean Paradise Home

Casa T is a private residence composed of three studios located in Tulum, Mexico. Designed by Studio Architectos and owned by a New York fashion designer, the space integrates the idea of a Caribbean paradise with many textures, colors and adaptation to the tropical framework.

Each studio represents a theme (earth, wind, and fire) with respective interiors. By combining concrete elements with wood and tile, the design is simple and complex at the same time, creating a tropical yet elegant feel.

Written by Jade Moyano

studio-arquitecots-casa-t-vacation-home-in tulum-06

studio-arquitecots-casa-t-vacation-home-in tulum-015

studio-arquitecots-casa-t-vacation-home-in tulum-05

studio-arquitecots-casa-t-vacation-home-in tulum-03

studio-arquitecots-casa-t-vacation-home-in tulum-08

studio-arquitecots-casa-t-vacation-home-in tulum-011

studio-arquitecots-casa-t-vacation-home-in tulum-012

studio-arquitecots-casa-t-vacation-home-in tulum-014

studio-arquitecots-casa-t-vacation-home-in tulum-04

studio-arquitecots-casa-t-vacation-home-in tulum-07

studio-arquitecots-casa-t-vacation-home-in tulum-13

studio-arquitecots-casa-t-vacation-home-in tulum-02

studio-arquitecots-casa-t-vacation-home-in tulum-010