9 by Design : The Modern Nomads

Our friends have been hyping “9 by Design”, a new reality series on Bravo, to us all week, so we decided to sit down last night and see what they were talking about. “9 by Design” is based on hip New York city couple Cortney and Robert Novogratz’s life, juggling 6 kids (and another on the way) and continuously buying, renovating, and moving into new properties within a 5 mi. radius of downtown NYC.

The self-taught architects and interior decorators started Sixx Design in 1995, a year after they bought their first New York City property in Chelsea, which was a total wreck…

They transformed the building into quite a masterpiece and sold it pretty quickly afterward. Though they claim to not be in the “house flipping” business, it seems that’s just what they do. There is a beauty to being so free-minded and unattached to your home/belongings, which definitely attributes or better yet defines their modernly nomadic lifestyle.

Here are images I have selected from all their various projects to see the range of design and the properties when they first acquired them. The show is quite fantastic, I kept asking myself, “how does she do it” ? 7 kids, nine months pregnant, and exploding with energy. I think I finally found a reality show that I can relate to. Watch the first episode below and let us know what you think.