9 Best Set Designers
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Studio Pepe
“Many times crazy situations happen on the set. One of the craziest things was when we had to rent a winch to set a very expensive table in leather on the top of a 5m high container while it was raining!”
studio pepe elle decor
purveyors of good taste studiopepe
Studio Pepe Palm spring Andrea Ferrari
Scheltens + Abbenes
“After building the set we start a sort of chess game. I move an object and as a response Maurice moves another object. It’s a process of back-and-forth. At the end, when we’re both sure the image can’t get any better, we finally take the picture.”
Gemma Tickle
Sonia Rentsch
“If you take a moment to look at the world, the design of objects or the things that happen in nature – the form of a flower, the texture of a field of grass, the curve of a vase – you start realizing that everything in it’s own way has beauty in it. I enjoy manipulating and focusing in on those details. Simplicity is the best kind of complexity. Colour, form and light have endless possibilites within them – you make small alterations and a whole universe appears.”
Sonia rentsch
Sonia rentsch veracious Bloom_
Anna Lomax_Twin_magazine_editorial
Tailormade_Food_victoria_ling_ Props_Anna Lomax_Art Direction_Mark Kenney
“I am a massive fan of popular culture, tacky and trashy objects and garish plastic things. These are all really colourful and it just happens. It can be a very good tool to evoke certain feelings of association or nostalgia, which is something that happens naturally.”
anna lomax victoria ling for clarks
Carl Kleiner
Sarah Parker
“I have always been interested in graphic design, so I guess part of the simple, neat nature of my work stems from this source of inspiration. I find simplicity quite satisfying, sometimes having just a few elements but getting them to work together perfectly can be more challenging than working with lots of pieces.”
sarah parker portfolio
sarah parker portfolio
exclusive interview with sarah parker
Aliki Kirmitsi
aliki kirmitsi
Aliki Kirmitsi
“Everyday-life surroundings and items have an honest and raw quality to them; they are real and carry memories. People can relate to them on a more personal level, I love that. I find anything that’s normal and simple fascinating. I go through periods where eggs, and how many kinds there are out there, impress me and then I move on to things like pipes and ropes.”
Aliki Kirmitsi
Sarah Illenberger