7 Trendy Housewarming Gifts To Give Your New Neighbors

7 Trendy Housewarming Gifts To Give Your New Neighbors

Relocating to a new neighborhood can be one of the most exciting yet intimidating moments of your life. You may be excited as you get to meet new people and build new friendships.

At the same time, you’re also nervous because you have no idea how your new neighborhood will be like for you. But when you first moved into your home, perhaps you’re touched and pleasantly surprised by how your neighbors warmly welcomed you and your family. 

7 Trendy Housewarming Gifts To Give Your New Neighbors

You never felt like strangers or invaders into their little community, and they made you feel so welcomed it almost immediately felt like home. Going back to the present, you recently found out that a new set of neighbors is moving into your community. Now, it’s your time to be the one who should welcome them. But the question is how can you show your hospitality? 

To give you ideas, here are seven trendy housewarming gifts you can give to your new neighbors and make them feel welcomed to their new community:

Personalized ‘Welcome To The Neighborhood’ Basket

The easiest housewarming gift you can give to your new neighbors is a personalized one. Since it’s customized, you can fill the basket with anything you want—baked pie, scented candles, small home decorations, cleaning supplies, or a jar filled with treats, candies, and chocolates.  

Besides a personalized basket, there are 5 more gift ideas here in which you can try and gift for them. You can leave a welcome letter with your personalized messages to make it extra heartwarming.  


Baked Goods  

If you’re skillful in baking and pastry, you can utilize that skill to create a trendy housewarming gift for your neighbors. After all, who would say no to baked sweets, right? You can go for baked cookies, cupcakes, or brownies. Then, you can personally deliver them to your new neighbors’ doorstep and spend some time getting to know them. 

However, make sure your baked goods are simple so you can be on the safe side if one of the new neighbors is allergic. Furthermore, you can attach a recipe card with your baked treats so they can try it out in the future. If you’re not confident with your baking skills, there’s no harm in buying baked goods from your favorite bakeshops or cafes and giving them the address if they want to visit it someday.


Plants Or Flowers

Plants and flowers will always be one of the most classic yet trendiest housewarming gifts for your new neighbors as these can easily brighten up their homes and add color to their place. Moreover, giving plants can be a perfect conversation starter too! This can be your opportunity to know them and their interests. If they are, you can invite them to your planting and gardening activities in your community.


Movie Night Gift Set 

Everyone knows that moving houses can be a long and stressful process. It might take them days or weeks before they finish unpacking all the boxes. To help them take a break and relax from the whole moving chaos, channel your inner DIY skills and give them a movie night gift set filled with chips, crackers, popcorns, fruit beverages, and a list of your favorite movies from a streaming service. 



It’s understandable if your new neighbors don’t have much free time to buy the basic things they need due to the unpacking they’re into. To make it easier for them, you can hop in and buy them a high-quality doormat. You may go for simple designs such as a ‘Home Sweet Home’ or the one with a ‘Welcome Home’ sign. You just helped them cross off one item from their long list of essential things they still need to buy for their new home.

Gift Cards From Restaurants Or Cafes 

It might take them months before they familiarize all the great restaurants around your area, so gift cards from your favorite cafes would be great. You can also include a takeout menu for their reference.


Wine And Snacks 

The best way to initiate a new friendship with your neighbors is to talk and get to know them personally. So, to keep it simple and direct, you can bring over a bottle of your finest wine and an open invitation to visit your house for some snacks, cocktails, and getting–to–know conversations.


Wrap Up

You’ll never run out of housewarming gift ideas for your new neighbors. Now that you know which presents to bring over to their doorstep, you may now go over there and start it off with some introductions.