7 Favorite Designers from Caravana Americana

After our return from Mexico City Design Week, we have handpicked 7 of our favorite Designers of Caravana Americana Tradeshow that help redefine craftsmanships with gorgeous design and creativity, all from Mexico.

Mexico City
Margules is a family-owned company that performs research, design, and manufacture of amplifiers, preamplifiers and loudspeaker systems with total commitment to quality. The history of the family in the reproduction of sound dates back to 1926 when Jacobo Margules founded Emporio Electrico, which later became Casa Margules specialising in electronic components for radio broadcasters, radio amateurs, service technicians and students. That later became Radio Surtidora S.A. Now the oldest organisation in Mexico. The company also was involved in the sound reproduction field, when high fidelity became possible, introducing it in our country. Currently Radio Surtidora specialise in electronic measurement equipment and industrial electronic components.

Bi Yuu
Mexico City

Bi Yuu was founded in 2012 by textile designer Marisol Centeno, to create a company specializing in rugs and textile accessories design, with a strong vision of quality, cutting – edge brand and social responsibility.

In Bi Yuu they are passionate about implementing innovation within traditional textile processes thoroughly knowing local technical and project them into contemporary design. That is why constant experimentation and implementation of new ideas are ongoing processes in their work.

Nomade Atelier
Mexico City

ATELIER NOMADE is an exclusive design and production studio, made by a team of artisans, architects and visual artists, created in Mexico in 2012.

They use the best Mexican quality materials and the most practical solutions to complement the artisanal manufacture of each object. They attach great value to the work and craftsmen using hand tools and medium machinery, always working with a network of local family workshops, specialized materials that are falling into disuse for its industrial synthetic replacement.

Diego Vides
Mexico City
Diego is one of the few young artist-designers who is interested in bringing a new design sensibility to the Mexican glass movement. After studying a B. A. in Industrial Design in Mexico City in 2010, he started work as a freelance designer focused on small product design series that are both functional and decorative. He often combines functionality and high design with the intention of creating a unique line of products. He combines these with an interest in sustainability as a foundational principle in design and process.

Carla Fernandez
Mexico, City
Carla Fernández is a Mexico city-based fashion label inspired by the geometrics and textile richness of Mexico. Since her childhood, Carla Fernández has been a fan of Mexican culture. She has gained international acclaim for her extraordinary approach to preserving the rich cultural heritage of Mexico’s indigenous communities, transforming it into beautiful clothing, textiles and housewares. Her contemporary take on handcrafted methods, is proving ethical fashion can be striking, avant-garde and forward-looking.

Mexico City

Onora is Maggie Galton, a New Yorker living in Mexico and Maria Eladia Hagerman a Mexican living in Los Angeles. They share a vision and passion for the great cultural richness of Mexico.

Onora is a handmade design brand that has over 15 years of collaboration with talented artisans in creating textiles and home accessories. Constantly seeking the balance between tradition and new trends, their collections reinterpret traditional designs giving an aesthetic and contemporary use that reflect a refined style, casual and cosmopolitan life. They love the beauty of handmade products and the story behind each of them.

Monica Calderon
Mexico, City
With Monica Calderon’s expertise garnered from years of experience, has the unique ability
to offer beautifully designed pieces from concept to market with attention to all the details
along the way. Our products range from decorative accents and home essentials to lighting,
furniture, sinks and tubs as well as exclusive lines specifically for the hospitality sector.
By working with a variety of materials, Mónica Calderón has the ability to create an endless
combination of patterns, colors, textures and shapes that can be transformed into functional
and decorative pieces. Due to the handcrafted process, no two collections are alike.