Brreakfast Bowls

7 Breakfast Bowls For The Best Meal Of Your Day

We’ve selected seven breakfast bowls so you can have a hearty breakfast every day of the week. Whether you are in the mood for sweet and tangy or looking for something more savory, the breakfast bowls pack a lot of protein, healthy grains, fiber and other super foods that will help fuel your day.

Written by Sara Di Blasi

Toasted Coconut Breakfast Porridge

Brreakfast Bowls

Inner Goddess Raspberry Breakfast Bowl

Brreakfast Bowls

Dark Chocolate Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Brreakfast Bowls

Miso Veggie Breakfast Bowl

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Dime’s Acai Bowl

Brreakfast Bowls

Super Green Smoothie Bowl

AMAZING Green Smoothie Bowls Change the color with shade of berry. The BEST way to make a smoothie a meal vegan glutenfree

Raspberry Granola Breakfast Bowl