5 Ways Videos Can Improve Your Small Business

5 Ways Videos Can Improve Your Small Business

As an emerging business, one of your key focus areas should be to get your product to the client. Your existing and prospective clients need to know that your product or service exists, and is able to answer their problems. As a business owner or marketer, it’s important to identify which marketing tools are best positioned to give your business the best return on investment (ROI).

5 Ways Videos Can Improve Your Small Business

Identifying the right tool for your business will ensure that your business only spends on what’s necessary and most likely to be effective. Your small business doesn’t have the luxury to do trial and error. You’ll need to do your homework well so that you can engage your market using a medium it responds to best.

The Science

The eyes are, arguably, one of the most sensitive yet powerful organs of the human body. Most of how you encounter the world around you is through your eyes. For that reason, it’s made to detect very quickly certain triggers, perhaps, as a way of guarding the whole body against danger. Any bright object is quickly noted by the average human eye. This means if you’re to apply this, your marketing will benefit from incorporating lively colors. But, there’s a limit to the practical applications for this, although it’s a good starting point.

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The eyes respond even better to sudden motions! It seems to be an instinct coded into almost everyone that’s awakened every time something makes sudden or any movement. You have seen this already, perhaps. Your eyelids closing by reflex each time an object seems to be approaching your eyes at a relatively high speed. And, since a person experiences the world more through their eyes than through any of their other organs, and the eyes are highly sensitive to motion, using an advert that plays into this finding will be useful to a marketer.

Remember, you can’t make your client like a certain medium of communication simply because you prefer, or that it’s cheaper and more convenient to make. A client already has their preferences, whether attained or biological ones, and the best marketers do their research on these preferences and optimize their marketing strategies to sync their findings. You can’t be haphazard in your approach to marketing your products. It’s best to be very systematic and strategic so that you can spend less, yet yield more.


Benefits To Your Small Business

The only major difference between a small business and a big business is the budget, which is rather unfortunate because these two business types get to compete on the same market. But, you need not worry much! Your small business can use video marketing tools to level out the playing field. This will make the process of making your business’s videos tremendously easy. If you still don’t have one, a free video maker app for marketing can be a perfect starter. The good news is that there are plenty of them out there. Just make sure to choose one that’s reliable and receives positive feedback from its users. You don’t have to ditch other marketing media, but you can simply leverage your video marketing so strategically good that your business can start to rank well among even bigger businesses. Here are a few ways videos can improve your small business’s performance:

1. Improves Search Engine Rankings

Anything you do as a marketer will probably start with improving how your business ranks on search engine results. This is how your client finds you anyway, so they shouldn’t have to swim through a sea of other businesses to get to yours because, to be honest, chances are they won’t. They’ll probably just look at the first five results appearing on their screen, and then make a choice. If your business isn’t on that first page, you might have a problem. The fastest way to address it is to use videos as the primary way to communicate important messages from your company and to market new products. The first advantage of that is that Google, one of the biggest search engines, tends to prioritize videos. And, as a business, you want to prioritize what a search engine as big as Google prioritizes. If you create enough video content for your business, you significantly increase your chances of cutting through the dense forest of other ads and land your spot on the first page of search results related to your business.

2. Increases Email Click-Through Rate

Including a video in your emails to clients can improve the number of people who open your emails. Better still, if you use video tracking applications, you can keep track of the content that your audience is engaging with the most. You can keep track of things such as how many times they might have replayed the video or whether they opened it at all. You probably already know the many advantages of growing and keeping an emailing list. It’s comprised of clients who already expressed some degree of interest in your product or service. What you only need is an effective way of communicating with them that can get them to make a purchase or to become return clients. To help create your first video, visit this site for some free video ad templates, and you should be ready to do it over and over again when there’s a need. Embedding videos in your emails will improve the general effectiveness of your email marketing by significant margins.

3. Improves Conversions

As a marketer, your goal isn’t just to direct traffic to your platforms, but to turn that traffic into sales. The best way to hold the attention of a person visiting your website or social media pages is to have a video that explains briefly how awesome your product is. Customers generally tend to respond better to video advertising. This is probably because it humanizes the sales process. Marketers, if not careful, can chase after sales too aggressively, which might make a prospective client cringe instead of open up to your product. You want to speak to your client, have them understand what value you offer them, and why you’re the best to do it for them. The sales process can have a decent degree of intimacy as opposed to the cold, hard chase that might come from other forms of marketing, such as written text. By using videos in your marketing, you improve the way your business interacts with its customers and, therefore, the response rate from your viewers. If you’re looking at increasing your conversion rate, video marketing is one of the best ways to do so.

4. Engages Mobile Users

Almost 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile phones. That shouldn’t be surprising given how most people usually have their phones on them regardless of where they are. The flexibility and accessibility offered by mobile phones are good news to your business. All you have to do is to make sure that your video ads are optimized for mobile viewers, and you’re good to go. You would have made sure that your ads are in their best quality for what’s likely to be your largest market. A potential client viewing your video on mobile is, most probably, relaxed and readier to buy than one on their computer in an office. Videos are concise and simple. This makes them ideal even for people who are going about their day and only have a few minutes to spare. Your small business should consider using video marketing more to improve its sales and general performance.

5. Can Help Train And Educate Employees

The benefits of video aren’t limited to marketing. You can use videos as an internal communication tool in your business. Yours is a small business, so you could be wondering why you need to record videos instead of just calling for a meeting and say things face to face. You can still call a meeting, but that doesn’t negate the use of a video. Record videos of the most important tips for your team. These can include social media marketing tips or how to manage documents more efficiently. You just have to choose an area most relevant to your business and make videos for it. Videos are easier to understand, plus they’re much more memorable than, say, a voice message or an email. It’s easier to remember images and the messages associated with them than just the message without the visuals. You can improve your team’s competence by giving them materials that can help them in their day-to-day performance at work.

Take Away

As a small business, one of your major focuses is making a profit. This means you’re constantly looking for ways to spend less while making more. Using video marketing is just the way to do that. You can help your business begin to communicate messages that actually reach the client. If you’ve been writing ads that have simply gotten lost in the maze that’s the Internet, you might want to consider shifting and starting to prioritize video marketing. Your business needs all the money you can save, but even more importantly, the money you can make. Streamline your marketing process, clear all the unnecessary clutter, and focus on what actually works. Video is the tool that could positively change your business’s performance if you use it with tact!