36 Hours Asia, Oceania & Europe

We’re big fans of Taschen, especially their collection of books dedicated to the art of spending 36 Hours in a given place. Their most recent additions, 36 Hours Asia & Oceania, and 36 Hours Europe, are on our “covet” list. Taschen’s inspiring and expertly crafted guides offer up “dream weekends with practical itineraries”. Even Martha Stewart thinks so! The lists are compacted enough to sift through but detailed enough to give you a sincere depiction of what you’re about to see.

The guides are intended for the fearless adventurer as well as the more cautious traveler. Asia & Oceania includes 60 itineraries while the European version offers 125. Hundreds of color photographs and artful illustrations by Olimpia Zagnoli help add to the excitement of seeing places like Hong Kong, Phuket,  Mumbai, Sydney, Guilin, and Seoul or Biarritz, Seville, Madeira, or Tallinn. These guides are not only a completely useful and functional trip appendage but make gorgeous gifts and coffee table books. Form and functionality: right up our alley.










Trendland Exclusive

Styling Sonia Rentsch

Photographer Henry Hargreaves

Art Direction Sylvie Lekarski

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