3 Creative Talents Emerging in Malta

Beneath its seemingly laid-back and unassuming front, Malta conceals a hive of local and international creative talent. We explore the works emerging from this isle and spotlight 3 rising talents who are set to make waves on the global cultural scene.

1. SJ Fuerst

At first glance, her works appear to be photographs portraying a surreal, playfully innocent world, yet
on closer inspection, her scenes reveal themselves to be paintings that are at once beautiful and funny.
Threading a dark undercurrent beneath a pop exterior, SJ Fuerst effortlessly blends the traditional with
the contemporary. A graduate of the Pratt Institute of Art and Design, she is a founding member of
Lot 5 Collective and has her studio in Malta.


2. Other Malta

Founded by Malta-based creative duo Dana and David Kostap, Other Malta unveils a parallel
perspective of scenes that are typical of their beloved isles. What began as a personal journey through
digital collage art transformed into a dialogue with the wider public, who share their delight in seeing
traditional corners re-interpreted in quirky and unusual forms.


3. AlfieAlpha

AlfieAlpha evokes sensations of the dreamy and ethereal, set against a quiet backdrop of pastel tones. Malta-born and Malta-based Alfie Gatt, who began to pursue his love for art from an early age, is the
artist behind the works, and he has gradually developed a distinct style that blends fine art with a
graphical edge. Through an array of mediums that include watercolor, wax pastels and acrylic,
AlfieAlpha captures the intimacy of solitude and silence.


Written for Trendland by Rossella E. Frigerio

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