25HAD: Mother Afrika

Listen to “Mother Afrika” here

      1. 04 Mother Afrika

It took a bit of music archeology, but after some digging I finally found a bit of 4/11 on the one man show, 25 Hours A Day (25HAD)–the French electro-popist known to some as Pierrick Devin. The Parisian sound engineer and producer has built his repertoire working with music-makin’ folks like Cut Copy, Cassius, Fortune, and Adam Kesher. Not much is said about this enigma of a creative man throughout the blog-o-sphere, but his lively track, “Mother Afrika” showcases his knack for indie pop perfection with a busy guitar and beat slaps to keep our ears tingling with explosive sounds. Yet, it is his voice that impresses me the most. Such a sharp, high as a kite vocal range makes me weak in the knees. To quote Devin, when I hear the fun-filled song, “I freak out!” Join me and get your freak on, ladies and gents.