21st Century Oasis by Sou Fujimoto Architects

A huge redevelopment of Taichung City in Taiwan is underway in order to create a “Gateway City” where an abandoned former airport block lies. The competition to take on the development ended on November 11th and the winner is Sou Fujimoto Architects in collaboration with Taiwanese firm Fei & Cheng associates with their ’21st century oasis’.

The winning entry in the Taiwan Tower International Competition, is on track to land itself in the top 10 most expensive buildings ever built, estimated cost of about 1 billion USD. Inspired by the trunk of the Taiwanese banyan tree, the ornate structural system will encompass a museum and exhibition spaces, as well as support a green rooftop floating 300 meters above the city.

The project will comprise of Taiwan Tower and the Museum of Taichung City Development. Though not aiming to compete in height with other towers of the world, in principle the observatory of Taiwan Tower should provide visitors with a view of the Taiwan Strait.

The symbolic trademark establishes the beauty in nature behind the urban aesthetics of a divine tower.

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More information on the project at www.twtower.com.twwww.sou-fujimoto.net & www.fca.com.tw