20 Syl : Master of Montage

DJ and producer Sylvain Richard aka 20 Syl, has come to be known as one fourth of french DJ collective C2C, but lately the beat magician has been up to his own tactics permutating the interwebs with some of his own original work in light of the release of his solo EP entitled Motifs (via On and On Records), as well as a rapid fire of impressive remixes showcasing the relentless talent and dedication Syl has to furthering his craft. If you are unfamiliar with the name be sure that your unfamiliarity will only be a temporary thing as he starts to heat up and gain worldwide acclaim.


Below is his home-made, hot out-of-the-oven video for “Kodama”, directed by Syl and Mathieu Le Dude which is the first record off of the Motifs EP. Here the meticulous montage of beats meets that of motion pictures for a perfect visual reenactment of the record and it’s careful construction. A very cohesive and interesting way to visualize the methodic scheme of composing beats and all the different nuances and elements that go into it which 20syl is truly a master at.




For more from 20syl, www.soundcloud.com/20syl