1888 Certified: High-Quality Butcher in Sydney

1888 Certified is the flagship store for a unique butcher in Double Bay. The high-quality butcher butcher designed by Australian interior design studio TomMarkHenry has been carefully and creatively designed to considers the story of the owners who are farmers themselves and embraces how they wanted to bring their product to their customers.

Their story is one of honesty and integrity, and we drew on these qualities for the interior palette. The materials selected are of the highest standard with an emphasis on craftsmanship. This enables us to showcase the product in the store, which is among the best meat produce available in Sydney.

1888 Certified was borne from the belief that people care about where their food comes from and how it has been raised. The directors of TomMarkHenry similarly believe people care about where they shop and the environment in which they purchase their food and they created an interior that reflects the ethos of the brand and tells the story of the producers.

Project: 1888 Certified
Location: Double Bay, Sydney, Australia
Architect: TomMarkHenry
Photographer: Damian Bennett


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