18 Years old Josh Charow is a Future Rising Star of the Video World

A year ago 18 years old Josh Charow moved to New York City from from Summit, New Jersey, Since then, the young photographer lived out the life that he always dreamed of. Whether he was roof-topping, photographing, skateboarding, or just hanging out with friends, he always had his camera by his side ready to film it all.

His work focuses on the city lights of New York after hours, whether it is from a rooftop, a subway station, or on the street. Josh has worked on projects shooting for Young and Reckless, Stance Socks, and Aeropostale already and has won awards for his cityscapes from Scholastic. Along with photography, Josh is passionate about film and is spending the summer at NYU Tisch.

One day it is his goal to be a professional cinematographer, but photography is a passion that will stay with him for the rest of his life.

This film is the story of his first couple months in ‘the greatest city on earth’.