10 Best Apartments to Rent in NYC

New York is the greatest city in the world. It is common to arrive and be overwhelmed by choices.  Uptown, downtown, midtown- where to stay? While hotels provide all the luxury and comforts one may want on a vacation, staying in a local apartment provides the insight into the lives of New Yorkers, the neighborhoods, and the hidden gems. There’s nothing better than feeling at home when you are thousands of miles away from everything you know. With hotel prices skyrocketing, home rental sites are bringing authentic, home-like experiences to travelers. We are excited to know that renting an apartment during your vacation is not only hip, it’s the best way to get to know a city like a local. Therefore, we’ve chosen some of the best homes for rent in NYC for every price budget, to help you plan your next stay.


Vestry Loft

$3500 nightly  I  Sleeps 6  I  Details

Vestry Loft, located in the heart of  thriving Tribeca neighborhood, features dark wooden furnishings, moody copper light fixtures and exposed brick walls.


Washington Loft

$1400 nightly  I   Sleeps 6  I  Details

The home has a monochrome color scheme, with splashes of navy and burgundy. Exposed brick walls add texture, and bookshelves reach up to the double-height ceiling.


Tweed Loft

 $1029 nightly  I   Sleeps 7  I  Details

 Tweed Loft feels crisp, from the kitchen’s marble splashback to the ivory leather bucket chairs and zebra rug in the open-plan living area.


Witness Apt

 $600 nightly  I   Sleeps 4  I   Details

Exceptional natural daylight radiates through the home’s 20+ windows where workshops, cooking events, screenings, and influencers dinners are hosted.


Fulton Studio

 $380 nightly  I   Sleeps 2   I   Details

Located in Historic Downtown, Fulton Studio is the epitome of chic: polished alabaster floors, whitewashed walls and high ceilings.


Swaan Loft

$850 nightly / Sleeps 9 / Details

This contemporary 2,200 square foot, 2 bedroom loft on Broadway between Greenwich Village and the East Village is perfect for families or groups.


Grand Street No.2

 $495 nightly  I  Sleeps 6   I  Details

Community gardens, costumed dogs, and punks. No need to say anything else.


Nassau Residence

 $500 nightly  I  Sleeps 3  I   Details

Community gardens, costumed dogs, and punks. The East Village may have been the birthplace of New York’s counterculture but it now has a thriving diaper culture going on too as the birthplace of quite a few little people too.


Stuyvesant Square

 $385 nightly  I   Sleeps 5   I  Details 

Stuyvesant Square in Gramercy is full of personality, from the two Victorian-inspired sitting rooms on the ground floor, to the two art-filled dining rooms down one floor on garden level.


East Village Charm

 $170 nightly  I   Sleeps 4   I   Details 

Experience the buzzing energy of downtown NYC and stay in a beautiful retreat with all the amenities you need.

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