Xénia Laffely Graduate 2012 Collection

Xénia Laffely is a a recent fashion graduate who launched her 2012 men’s collections entitled ‘Bearded Faces’.

Her unique use of illustration and design puts her on the cutting edge of the industry. The combination of vivid colors and bold prints bring life to these menswear silhouettes. We are impressed with the presentation of the collection, in terms of how she bleeds the prints in the collection into the background of the editorial.

In her words,

“The father in classic suits and the religious man in ceremonial dress. They have haunted me through the process of this collection. I borrowed some attributes of each one, to build on their ashes a third figure ; my own icon, the unworthy son, rebellious, flamboyant. The witness of my emancipation. I designed him a new skin, the beards have become prints, interspersed with embroidery of or- thodox cassocks and woolen masculine suits. Then cut along the lines of classical suits. And I colored the scarves, leggings and jackets with Stabilo, to bring him to life. A graphic and sentimental character, wacky and unpredictable appeared. My own icon.”

Tu n’auras pas d’autre icône que moi et tu mangeras ton père.

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