TrendOffice: Fabricville by Electric Dreams [Sweden]

In TrendOffice today, here is Fabricville, a Gothenburg community-based office with 150 employees. Designed by Catharina Frankander and Joel Degermark, the design duo behind Swedish based firm Electric Dreams. The 1500 sq meter space divided into three floors features a color scheme for each floor to match the identity of the brand that is sitting there. Long corridors resemble streets lined with gingerbread-esque offices with windows and doors, and connote the feeling of walking down the small roads of a quaint town.

What was your inspiration for this design?
The inspiration behind this design was the idea that a busy company headquarters is very much like a little village – it gathers many types of occupations, each with different spatial requirements, and many different sorts of activities are going on at different times. Open public as well as private enclosed spaces are needed, work places as well as recreational spaces. The aesthetic is very much inspired by traditional Swedish wooden cottages.



Did you face any design challenges?
The office was originally divided up in several offices with different tenants, then it was all clashed together to form the 3-floor, 1500 sqm Fabricville office. The space bore traces of several different, conflicting renovating schemes…some from the 80s, some from late 90s…The space had endless dull corridors with a mishmash of window and door types, and lots of different ceiling heights. The space was difficult to navigate since everything looked pretty much the same anywhere where you went.  – Read full interview in knstrct

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