TrendHome : Amsterdam Loft

In today’s TrendHome we are featuring a private residence located in a historic building on one of Amsterdam’s famous canals, designed by UXUS. The home is located in a 250 m2 18th century warehouse with a panoramic view over the city. The owners wanted to keep the original open plan layout of the space, so UXUS created a series of dramatic curtain walls

that can be opened and closed according to the needs of use. All of the decorative interior elements were selected to reflect the eclectic tastes of the owners.

See more of Uxus design here

Amsterdam home interior interior design Loft TrendHome uxus
Ani Tzenkova

Bulgarian born, Los Angeles raised – Ani is the Mini Boss of TrendLand. Having worked as fashion designer, stylist, art director and producer, she fuses all her budding experience into TrendLand’s creative platform and tries to stay on top of Frenchies grammar as much as possible.

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