Thomas Jackson Photography

Homemade light installations, smoke and dark forests are the scenes of Thomas Jackson photography. His photos are always filled with an ominous feeling that makes you look twice. I really like his ambiance and I do love his Vortex style pictures below.

Scenes presented in your photos have a an ominous feel to it, as if something bad is about to happen. Was that your intention and could you tell little more about ideas that drive your creative process?

Yes that was absolutely my intention. There’s an undercurrent of fear and anxiety that runs through a lot of my work: fear of change, fear of the natural world. And fear of chaos. I’m particularly interested in mankind’s desire to seize control of his natural surroundings. You could say that the installations, monsters, or whatever you want to call them, are the unintended by-products of that overreaching tendency.

Who makes those light installations that are featured in your work?

I do. Most of them are made from wire mesh, sticks and leaves. Some are suspended from the trees, others clamped to light stands, which I remove in post-production. To get the various spooky effects I use fluorescents, strobes, gels and smoke bombs. I generally destroy them upon completing the shoot, mainly because they’re so unwieldy. Some are up to 8 feet tall.

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Also love his smoke & light series, it kind of looks like space vortex.