The New Myspace Is Coming

Myspace is once again, looking to gain a competitive edge, as the former social media giant has undergone a major makeover and completely rebuilt the site in hopes of luring users back. They have teamed up with Justin Timberlake to release this teaser of the new site, showing a cleaner, more minimal interface in contrast to the highly customizable and banner heavy Myspace of days past. The new Myspace looks much like SM new kid on the block Pinterest, with horizontal scrolling, a music player at the bottom, and the ability to pull in your other social media channels such as Twitter. If you are still on Myspace you are probably aware many musicians still use the site to promote their music and events, and it looks like developers and marketers played off of this strength in the re-brand/re-build/re-launch. A new option will enable users to share mixes and pair them with photo albums. Not quite ready yet, the new Myspace will be available by invitation. Looks good, can’t wait to get back over there!