The Marni Animal House [Salone Del Mobile]

animal_house-Marni-installation-viale umbria

On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2014 the installation Animal House has come alive at Viale Umbria 42. A festive caravansary of Marni, where giraffes, ostriches, rabbits, ducks, donkeys and flamingos, made of metal and bright colored PVC, have taken over the space, joining the products of the new limited edition charity project.


Marni has collaborated with a group of Colombian women to create new handmade pieces where each one is unique, but tailored in different colors. Asymmetry and the freedom of choosing different compositions are  characteristic of this limited edition, where every combination is individual and unique.

animal_house-Marni-installation-viale umbria-1

During Salone del Mobile, the new issue of Marni’s online magazine – ANTICAMERA – is entirely dedicated to Animal House, narrating the stories of the women that have contributed to the project.

animal_house-Marni-installation-viale umbria-2

animal_house-Marni-installation-viale umbria-3

animal_house-Marni-installation-viale umbria-4

animal_house-Marni-installation-viale umbria-5

animal_house-Marni-installation-viale umbria-6

animal_house-Marni-installation-viale umbria-7

animal_house-Marni-installation-viale umbria-8

animal_house-Marni-installation-viale umbria-9


animal_house-Marni-installation-viale umbria-10

animal_house-Marni-installation-viale umbria-11

animal_house-Marni-installation-viale umbria-12

animal_house-Marni-installation-viale umbria-13

animal_house-Marni-installation-viale umbria-14

animal_house-Marni-installation-viale umbria-15

animal_house-Marni-installation-viale umbria-16

animal_house-Marni-installation-viale umbria-17

animal_house-Marni-installation-viale umbria-18

animal_house-Marni-installation-viale umbria-19

animal_house-Marni-installation-viale umbria-20

animal_house-Marni-installation-viale umbria-21

The project reaffirms Marni’s commitment to charity initiatives: part of the revenues will be donated to Associazione Sogni Onlus (, an association helping terminally ill children.

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