Takahiro Miyashita Returns for Fall 2010

About a month ago I was visiting a friend in Tribeca and I decided to stop in at Number (N)ine to see what was new, to my unfortunate surprise it was gone. I stood staring at the door for five minutes before I really registered that it was closed. But after looking into it I realized that it was not only the store that had closed but so had the brand.

Luckily for us Japanese avant-garde lovers Takahiro Miyashita did not take long to return with something fresh and new. For Fall 2010 Miyhashita has launched his new label, titled “The Soloist”, which he debuted in Tokyo’s tony Azabu district earlier this month.

“The first collection, “Symphony 0001? for Fall ‘10, began with a jacket, constructed with more than five sewing machines and as many different fabrics. There’s almost a couture feel to the ragged edges, which are created by hand-ripping the fabrics after they’re sewn. The pieces get only more complex from there: There are shirts with removable vest overlays and hand-sewn snaps, hybrid jodhpur trousers with fake plackets, customizable tees and tanks trailing ribbon details,” quoted from Style.com. – “It’s really about me…My lifestyle and my spirit are the key elements,” the designer explained simply.