Shared Glass Collection

Twenty individual designers in the mix, each tasked to make their own “hybrid object”, and the Shared Glass Workshop still managed to produce one completely seamless collection. At least that’s the impression you get from the almost all-white web page. Crystal clear pieces on concrete gray surface, with just the minimal streamlined shadows outlining each intricate creation.

This group of designers, all MFA Design students from VCUQatar and residents of the FABRICA design department, happen to come from everywhere: Egypt, France, Italy, Lebanon. A contrasting crew put together to showcase the richness and “tension between community and uniqueness, characterized by the particular mix of interesting people, and what is possible when they talk together around a table”. But the result? A clean, yet intricate, collection of blown glass, and a decidedly not-tense way to display each designer’s own vision.












CULTURE designers Fabrica Glass shared glass collection students
Katrina Tan

A brand manager and magazine editor with a love for stories. Always wanting to know the whys and hows behind the art and the artist, Katrina also runs SUPERVISION. As such, her days are usually spent with her eyes on the Net and the streets, looking for the most interesting/opinionated/all-around fun work.

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