Retro Chic for Resort 2011

Balenciaga, Celine, Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney are only a few of the key players setting the mood and style straight for Resort 2011. The designers seemed to have come to a non-verbal consensus that wherever you are this holiday season the dress code will be Retro Chic. Of course Nicolas Ghesquiere can not help but add a lick of his futuristic core to his collection, but overall I’m feeling the retro more than the future even in his collection for Balenciaga.

I always feel like resort is the collection that designers stress the least about, because the production around it and the numbers are much less significant. Perhaps it’s this lack of stress that allows them to create more effortless and always wearable collections. These 3 collections are perfect examples of these kinds of circumstances.

Collages by Kelli Granahan @ Trendland