Petros Chrisostomou

Oh, Petros Chrisostomou—an artist and photographer who knows his way into a woman’s heart. Known for photographing “small-scale, ordinary” objects that he constructs himself, some of his most eye-catching works (at least for the ladies) are huge heels of installation proportions and striking palettes. He constructs these himself, dramatically arranges them, and then employs, lighting and staging worthy of theater.

Petros creates other objects, too. Brown eggs, red carnations, pomegranates, and what I am guessing are oyster mushrooms. “Christosomou’s photographs become the field for mixing the high- and the low-brow, mass culture and genre painting, the luxurious and the expendable,” writes Tina Pandi, Curator at National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens. “At the same time, the relations between the real and the imaginary in his oeuvre are a commentary on the mediated images of contemporary mass media.”

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