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The Chic Illustrations of Jack Hughes

The graphic illustrations of Jack Hughes are refreshing and unique amidst many of the artists struggling to imitate fashion’s greatest illustrators.  In his use of two tone color and realistic rendering, Hughes creates bold and elegant characters with a hint of nostalgia.

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With a background in animation and illustration from Kingston University in London, his images exhibit a love of mid-century design, fashion and cocktails in their stylized composition and dress. His work for The Gentlemen’s Guide to Cocktails and men’s online newsletter Mr Hyde are perfect examples of mod mans recent rise to fame, but Hughes’ innovative approach to illustration is the elevator to success. Additional clients include Harrods, Levi’s, Topman, Burberry, Google and magazines such as Elle, Stella, The Telegraph and New York Times.

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Jack_Hughes__James Dean

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Jack_Hughes_The Gentlemans Guide to Cocktails

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illustrations by jack hughes

illustrations by jack hughes

illustrations by jack hughes

illustrations by jack hughes