Knitted Room: Urban Camouflage Project by Chae Young Kim

Korean designer Chae Young Kim, develops her own aesthetic of digital textile based on fractal structures. Trying to push the boundaries, she mixes hand drawing and computer graphics to create a very new look with the expert and innovative use of digital software. Her wallpapers are digitally printed on silk habotai and tufted in sections to enhance the pattern.

From the personal experience of her childhood, she studies the relationship between human and their environment -both of nature and man made- and approaches the design conceptually but also practically using computer graphics with the theme of Urban Camouflage.

“The lines, as fine as you can get with digital graphics, were re-interpreted as delicate threads, braided, knitted and upholstered to become extended to the patterns. These knitted patterns, printed in grayscale with light and shadow effect, are graphically applied onto the fashion and interior product, making a camouflage scene.”