Illusional Harmony F/W 2012 Collection by Ece Gozen

It is always pleasant to find young designers with fresh visions and ideas, that is the case for Turkish fashion designer Ece Gozen and her Illusional Harmony collection. For her F/W 2012 she got heavily inspired by math and geometry and the art of M.C. Escher, specifically ‘tessellation’, one of Escher’s explorations providing her the main inspiration for  the prints. Gozen’s cuts, details and prints are just beautifully executed.

Based on 3 dimensional cubes, she transformed geometric shapes into design, and created new forms . Perception of the one-piece design as different body forms nested together, represent the physical illusion.

Art Director: Atalay yeni
Photographer: Ata Kam
Model: Selda Car
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