* Just between us, its been more than 8 months I have been rocking this style. Its only a matter of time and you will see all the lil’ hipster doing it too. In Vegas last week I started to see it a bit of the rolled up pant legs here and there but the best was the guys with oversized pants rolled up to the floor. Oops! I guess they missed the point of ankle exposure and the sick sock action.


Everyone’s been doing it: from left to right we have Burberry Prosum, YSL, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and Ann Demeulemeester.{ Article from Brandish.tv }In the absence of much decent menswear on the catwalks of London (at least at the time of writing), here’s a trend from the Spring Summer collections which are hitting the shops as we speak. It’s not unusual for trouser legs to get shorter in Summer but this season we’ve seen a profusion of hoisties – trousers which barely skim the ankle.It’s got all the hallmarks of a genuine trend: the fashion forward crowd on the street have been doing it for a while; the more trend focussed designers have adopted it for the catwalk; and its really easy to replicate at home (just buy trousers which are a bit too short or simply roll them up). They work just as well with shoes as with sandals. Wear them with an open-necked loose fitting shirt for that debonair gent on a boating holiday look.