Gustavo Salmeron’s Epic Man Cave in Madrid

Spanish actor Gustavo Salmeron had a very clear idea of what he wanted when he set out to design his home in Madrid, a mix between New York, Berlin and Brazil.

Salmeron stripped the 1,937 square ft space of anything that was not structural and achieved a truly raw space which he then converted into an open loft with 2 bedrooms and an office.


Decorated with tons of style and character using lots of wood and lots of second hand customized waste in fireplaces, stoves, panels, faucets and other craft items, this place is the definition of a man cave!


gustavo-salmeron-eclectic-home-madrid-by-Gonzalo Machado-2

gustavo-salmeron-eclectic-home-madrid-by-Gonzalo Machado-7

gustavo-salmeron-eclectic-home-madrid-by-Gonzalo Machado-9

gustavo-salmeron-eclectic-home-madrid-by-Gonzalo Machado-6

gustavo-salmeron-eclectic-home-madrid-by-Gonzalo Machado-8

gustavo-salmeron-eclectic-home-madrid-by-Gonzalo Machado-3

gustavo-salmeron-eclectic-home-madrid-by-Gonzalo Machado-5

Photography Gonzalo Machado