Guatemala Beach House


The Guatemala Beach House project is located on the site of a 1950’s beachside development on the Pacific coast of the country. An area that keeps slowly evolving and expanding outwards to the sea.

Designed by architects Christian Ochaita and Roberto Gálvez, the project brief was particularly challenging as it called for a design which both celebrated ‘family time’ but addressed the need for ‘ individual private time’. Galvez shares that their ‘solution was to design one home and then to make four variations on that home based on the distinct needs of each family’.


Each home has a small interior area and an expansive outdoor area facing the beach. And each has between three and five rooms, depending on the owner’s needs. The half of the duo, Ochaita notes that they, ‘began with the idea of making homes that would be an escape for residents whose primary homes are in the country’s busy and polluted capital, so a primary goal was to make these homes as un-urban as possible’. What results is an innovative, visually captivating home, which takes full advantage of its idyllic beachside surroundings.







Via   Arch Daily