floto warner_WholeFoods_Fortune_ a_

Floto + Warner Shoot Fortune 500 Boards

floto warner_WholeFoods_Fortune_ a_
(left)Whole Foods

Photographer duo Floto + Warner was commissioned by Fortune Magazine to shoot the “Fortune 500” groups of directors and important boards across the states. They shot a number in NYC however, they shot the Whole Foods board in their San Francisco, Haight Ashbury store. Since none of the companies offered more than 15 minutes with their boards and all required pre-approval, each shot was carefully composed and concepted with the help of Fortune Photo Editor Alix Colow and Set Designer Peter Garagliano.

floto warner_Estee Lauder_Fortune

Estée Lauder

floto warner_Ebay_Fortune_S _


floto warner_GM_Fortune_

General Motors

floto warner_GM_Fortune_ _

General Motors #2

floto warner_NYC Ballet_Fortune

The New York Ballet Board of Directors

floto warner_Harvard_Fortune_

Harvard Board of Directors

More information at http://news.vh-artists.com & http://money.cnn.com