Fashion Illustration Fall 08

I have always had a very strong infatuation with fashion illustration. It was the class at Parsons that frustrated me most, because I wanted so bad to express my design aesthetic through illustrations, but the illustrations always fell short of my imagination and style. Another reason it may have been so hard for me while I was in school was because I always sat in between the 2 best illustrators, and almost preferred watching them throw it down on their sketchbooks with so much style and ease than attempting to get where they were. You can tell a lot about a designer by their fashion illustrations, reading into that was the most exciting part of the beginning of any new fashion illustration class for me. Here are some different styles of illustration from 5 designers fall 08 collections.

1. Shipley & Halmos 2. Jeremy Laing 3. Giambattista Valli 4. Peter Som for Bill Blass 5. James Jean for Prada