Dynamic Future Furniture

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“Moving furniture” has never been this exciting. At the Lexus Design Amazing gallery at Milan Design Week, some MIT engineers unveiled “Transform,” a still display made up of a thousand white pins that bristle at the wave of a hand or the drop of a ball. Led by Professor Hiroshi Ishii of the MIT Media Lab, the so-called Tangible Media Group reimagined furniture as a pulsing life form inspired by the behavior of wind, water and sand.


Working in one of two ways, it picks up cues from motion sensors or the input from a computer hook-up. “We have over a thousand motors that we need to control precisely with a computer,” said a design engineer on the team, Daniel Leithinger. “Instead of trying to hide the complex machinery, we make it disappear through the beauty of motion.”

On the second floor of the gallery, Lexus also introduced the winners of its 2014 Lexus Design Award, an incubator program committed to supporting emerging talent in the design world. See more of their intriguing inventions (like a tablet dice board) here.

TRANSFORM_ _High__mid

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