ValerieObjects_Cutlery_prototype _Muller van severen

Cutlery Concepts by Some of Our Favorite Designers

Curator and owner of Valerie Traan Gallery, Veerle Wenes approached 6 leaders in the design world to create a set of cutlery for Valerie_Objects, a new Antwerp based design label. Featured here are the prototypes of Jinhyun Jeon (KR/NL), Muller Van Severen (B), Maarten Baas (NL), Studio Simple (B/NL), Koichi Futatsumata (JPN) and Studio Wieki Somers (NL) photographed by Frederik Vercruysse. Some of the designers had already experimented with this concept and proceeded to refine their initial ideas while others created them from specifically for the project.

The designs of Maarten Baas (NL) and Koichi Futatsumata (JPN) are the first two sets that have been taken in production.


– Studio Simple –

ValerieObjects_Cutlery_prototype Studio simple


– Maarten Baas –

ValerieObjects_Cutlery_prototype Maartenbaas


– Jinhyun Jeon –

ValerieObjects_Cutlery_prototype _JinhyunJeon


– Studio Wieki Somers –

ValerieObjects_Cutlery_prototype studio wieke somers


– Muller Van Severen –

ValerieObjects_Cutlery_prototype _Muller van severen


– Koichi Futatsumata –

ValerieObjects_Cutlery_prototype koichi

Photography Frederik Vercruysse