Clinical Interior Design

The Hometherapy physiotherapy clinic was built inside an apartment building from the 1920s. Fundamental to injured bodies and to physiotherapy in general is the posture of the spine, which features as a motive in Hometherapy´s logo. Ov-a architects sought a way how to utilize this motive in the interior design. A bone-coloured wall winds along the new stairs to the basement – a notional spine to which all the spaces are connected. The wall passes from the reception desk on the ground floor down into the basement where it spans the waiting room.

Individual rooms are attached to the wall – the spine. A glowing line copies movement along the wall. The examination room maintains the motive of the glowing line, which swirls around the room´s neuralgic point above the medical bed. The exact localization of pain leads to its diagnosis and subsequent curing by touch, exercise, or grip. The mirrors in the room help understand the anatomy of the body, its possibly incorrect posture, as well as the possible correction. The stairs and floors in the hallways are made of terazzo, the floors in the examination rooms are made of marmoleum. The windows facing the street were enlarged and became shop windows. We removed a small fence from the space in front of the building and generously expanded the entrance steps, creating a semi-public part of the street.









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