Araks 2012 Look Book

Araks Yeramyan is the kind of designer with staying power. Her style has strength in it’s quietness. It is super sexy in it’s simplicity and non chalant essence. It is also built on the idea of sustainability, using organic cotton and NYC made and produced. She launched her brand in 2000 designing lingerie,  with 2004 came  swimwear , and in 2006 she debuted her first ready-to-wear collection… and by the way, RTW AW12 is stunning. Not in a trendy or flashy way, but in a chic, long life, uncomplicated, really wearable way.  Her subtle and effortless style is the heart of her brand, she is the confident, cool chick I always wanted to be and that she never, ever gave a thought to being. She also does things differently, no contrived photo shoots and models for this girl and for her latest look book, she enlisted friends for help by giving them disposable cameras and asking them to shoot her pieces,  giving them free reign . I have to give Yeramyan props as it is super refreshing  to see someone redefine the game and come up with interesting concepts in an uncontrived way.  The result is an eclectic variety of  images…

Alexa Chung shot  Harley  Viera-Newton‘s back, Shane Gabier and Chris Peters of Creatures of the Wind positioned their pieces amongst the spines of some books and chilli peppers, actress Michelle Williams shot a friend in a chair, and designer Tracy Feith shot 2 teddy bears with Araks panties on. The list goes on, but you get the picture. Below are a few images, along with the photographers listed below them.

fredrik peterhoff, creative director

alexa chung, model/designer

shane gabier/chris peters: Creatures of the Wind designers

james pecis, hair stylist

alex olson: skateboarder, model, photographer

Mariko Munro: video director/producer

miguel enamorado, Interview Magazine

natalie joos, casting director

michelle williams: actor

tracy feith : designer

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