High Fashion Disney

About 4 years ago we featured the witty ad campaign from Barney’s New York in collaboration with Disney.


How to Creatively Package Sauces

In 2014 Birch & Waite approached creative agency Evo to launch a range of batch-crafted sauces for the professional food service ind…


Matryoshka Poster Concept

The Pushkin Russian Language Institute by Ira Smolikova utilized a set of graphic posters to creatively advertise their language courses.…


What?! Santa Wears Luxury Designers?

In the celebration of Christmas, Joint London have imagined what would happen if today’s top fashion designers tailored their current col…


The Creative Class [Video]

Amsterdam-based WeTransfer is a file transmission service but at its core fancies itself as a platform for a creative economy. Their late…

air-france-france-is-in -the-air-campaign-4

France is in the Air

You may have noticed some peculiar images circulating with Air France written all over them, well here is a bit more about them. Seems li…


Leo Burnett’s Currency Campaign

Maybe you cater to the emerging thought point that the world would be better to do away with currency, and the systemic collapse of drach…


Karl Lagerfeld photographs Cassina

Fashion designers are often good at many different things like designing, styling, draping, sewing, and illustrating, but perhaps one of …

tandem skate video-smart car

Smart Car ‘Tandem’ Skate Video

Ben Newman of Pulse Films shot this rad skate video on location in Barcelona as a viral spot for Smart Car. The concept is a spin off Sma…


Swarovski’s Girls of the Zodiac

Capricorn, left Here are some images from German Vogue of Swarovski goddesses created specifically for each sign of the zodiac. Swarovski…


The Sociables Prefer Pepsi… 1959

During the pin-up era of the 50’s and 60’s, Pepsi communicated using these beautifully illustrated print ads with slogans suc…

havana club mojito embassy 2

The Havana Club Mojito Embassy

The Havana Club‘s mission is a noble one: To protect the Mojito, wherever the Mojito may be… The lazy who believe ‘read…

lego_imagine campaign-05

Imagine by Lego

Written by Guest Blogger Laura Gonzalez ‘Imagine’ is the latest campaign designed by the Hamburg based agency Jung von Matt f…