Moon Boots C.Y.S.

Moon Boots : C.Y.S.

      1. C.Y.S. - Moon Boots


Moon Boots, fellow protector of the French Express ‘“feel good” sound, delivers yet another euphoric banger that begs to be spun in some big-room, late-night dance environment. This sun-drenched four-on-the-floor future disco track could engender the 3AM moment when the average looking late night party go-er transforms into an object of lust and affection.


The vocal sample is a rip from this classic track and epic 1995 collaboration between TOTAL & NOTORIOUS BIG, coincidentally called “Can’t You See”. It might be a cheap trick, but paying homage to mid-nineties hip-hop is a surefire way to grab the attention of music headz born in the 80’s. Really excited about the direction of the label and all the artists on French Express.


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Written by  Zach Migdal