Le Domaine Tarbouriech [France]

A third generation of oyster farmers invites you in to refine your senses

In the 18th century, between Montpellier and Béziers, a mansion hidden by foliage in the middle of the countryside became the Domain of a family that is on its third generation of oyster’s farmers.

Le Domaine Tarbouriech, a phenomenally bohemian-chic hotel, counts with four rooms and suites in the mansion, nine lodges in the 13th century barn with a traditional thatched reed roof, 2 artists’ residences and a SPA, tucked away in the winery of this former vineyard – the ambience is of a warm, family atmosphere, so that visitors can completely relax in a quiet, secluded environment.

The star though is the oyster farming in the lagoon and the history surrounding the family’s connection to it. The inventors of the “marée solaire” – a solar-powered system to lift oysters from the water on a set timetable, as would naturally happen in a tidal area ­– the family has paved the way for Thau lagoon oysters to feature on the menus of Michelin-starred restaurants.

The Domaine is full of surprises, like The MadLab, a space for multidisciplinary experimentation and collaboration on the edge of the lagoon, where talents from varied universes create, in situ, and run themed workshops for Domaine Tarbouriech customers. Or the authentic Le St Barth’, a renovated oyster farmer’s house on the edge of the Thau Lagoon, where the Tarbouriech “sea harvests” can be tasted. Guests can choose from a palette of experiences – gardening, sustainable farming or becoming an oyster farmer for a day.

Free your senses, to make sense of every moment

Experience the infinite expanse of the sea, the endless calm of the lagoon, the restful view of Mont Saint Clair. Land, sea and sky blend together. The only movements are flamingos taking flight. Live in the moment, without any limitations; enjoy the view – that is the motto at Le Domaine Tarbouriech.