Charlotte Heal x Laboratory Perfumes

Laboratory Perfumes is announcing a beautiful new collaboration with Creative Director Charlotte Heal who has translated their perfumes into a photography series. You may remember Laboratory Perfumes’ previous scent projects with artist Zuza Mengham and graphic design Therese Vandling.

For this series, rather than literally translating each of the 5 scents into a visual manifestation, Charlotte has explored ideas surrounding memory, emotion and sensuality in scent. The results are very exciting.

Scent has a direct link to the emotions that bypasses rational thought. It taps into our feelings, unfiltered and unadulterated, conjuring sensations we can’t control and memories we can’t predict. It is, in many ways, the rawest, purest form of communication: nuanced, unconscious and utterly personal. Its closest sensory relation, therefore, is probably abstract art – images which may have no explicit meaning, but which evoke a strong individual reaction on an emotional level, if not a cognitive one.