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FutureLand Free Wellness Trend Report

2021 Wellness Trends for a post COVID-19 World


The coronavirus pandemic swept the globe in 2020 and forced people around the world into months of quarantine which has forced a catalyst of change in all facets of our lifestyles.


It has forced us to reexamine our behaviors, take charge of our health, and find balance between our work and home lives.


Over the past five years consumers’ endless search to achieve “wellness” has come to represent an aspirational lifestyle of sorts. One rich with trendy fitness classes, vegan meal kits, organic skin care, expensive activewear, and general “exclusive” healthy products. The commercialization of wellness was rampant, Saks even rolled out a dedicated wellness floor in 2017 called “The Wellery” showcasing everything from salt rooms to Swell water bottles. Fast forward to March of 2020 as quarantine sunk in, it became clear that all our wellness dollars weren’t leading to a permanent change.


Can we sustain our wellness focused lifestyles without leaving our homes? Do those beautifully packaged organic products matter if social media doesn’t care? Is technology saving our mental health?


The answer is yes and no…



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