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Online Magazine,, redefines new ways of telling stories through a rich visual journey.

The intelligence of cool. Online Magazine TRENDLAND quickly claiming the leading edge of organic and original trend information on the web.


The 14 years old e-zine (2006) has gained a significant following among international creative industries, trend-watcher and design addicts alike. Relentlessly pushing the limits of rare content and alluring web design, the site is a beacon for voracious aesthetes around the world.


Finding the diamond among a sea of “must-view” design and culture websites can be daunting but readers are discovering that Trendland is a truly fresh approach to lifestyle information. Stalking and hunting down trend notes from all genres of culture including: art, design, photography, tech, pop culture, advertising, and of course, fashion, Trendland dishes out a multi-course menu of new ideas each day with new found and their daily dose newsletter.


Trendland aims to be the source for trend forecasters  and creative professionals while redefining web media and becoming a techno-savvy hybrid of a magazine, art gallery and multi-media all in one. Relying solely on organic marketing, Trendland has carved out their niche as a respected influence in the fashion, Design and Art landscape.

“Trendland is what it sounds like, a world of raw trends,
waiting to be nurtured and defined.”

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“Stalking and hunting down trend notes from all genres of culture


Founder & Creative Director

Creator and visionary Cyril Foiret is one of the main tireless person engine behind the unceasing wave of cultural ephemera.


The French curator started Trendland in LA & New York City after working as a wardrobe stylist in Paris for more than 10 years.


Cyril is also the Creative Director and head of design behind the unique UX/UI visual experience of Trendland.

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